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How much does Encompass Weddings pay their associate shooters?

Answer: Generally the pay is $75 an hour and travel compensation. Each wedding is different depending on the location.

How long are each wedding typically?

Answer: Each wedding is different but our typical packages are 5-8 hours long. We do want you to be flexible if the bride asks you to stay a little longer because something didn't go as planned. If this happens we will compensate you for the extra time.

Do we have to edit the footage?

Answer: No, Encompass Weddings has their own editing team that will edit your footage for the client. All that is required is that you send us the footage after the event.

How do we upload our footage for the editors?

Answer: Our wedding manager who will be your contact will send you a google drive upload shared link. You will just need to upload the footage through the link she provides. Its very easy!

When do we receive payment?

Answer: We want our team to upload their footage within 3 days after the wedding. Once we receive those files, we are able to put you on payroll. You will be paid within 10 business days after we verify your footage has been uploaded. We pay through Melio Payments.

Do I get to keep the footage for my own portfolio?

Answer: Yes! We do allow you to keep, edit, and post your work that you have done for our weddings. We want you to continue to build your own business and portfolio. 

Do I talk to the bride before the wedding?

Answer: Yes, We do want you to call your assigned wedding client as soon as possible. We just want you to go over details, the timeline, and their vision for the wedding. This is good for both parties involved. That way both of you will be on the same page.

How do I sign up for more weddings?

Answer: We would love you to continue working with us! When their is a wedding in your area, our wedding manager will send you the opportunity and see if you are interested. 

What media formats do I need to provide Encompass?

Answer: Please Click Here (Media Requirements) for a list of all of the acceptable (and unacceptable) formats 

Any other questions? Check out our contractor agreement!
Link: Click Here (Encompass Weddings Contractor Agreement)

What is it like to shoot for us?

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